There are always ways we can become better organized – we just have to sometimes push ourselves to take action.  For myself, I find that certain days my focus is better and I’m much more able to organize.  I call them “my organizing days”.  When the organizing bug hits on one of those days I always head for my pantry to get things really tight and organized.  We have a lot of food storage that we keep in our pantry so it’s important that I know where it is and how to get to it – especially if I’m rotating food.  With that, I figured I’d share some of my Easy Tips for Organizing Your Pantry.

If you are constantly looking for items in your pantry, and either can’t seem to find what you need or get frustrated moving things around constantly to get to the back of shelves, it is probably time for some organization. But don’t worry, it is a lot easier than you might think to get more organization in your pantry and cupboards!  It will make all the difference for you once you have a good start.

Put Similar Foods in the Same Place
This may sound pretty logical, but for me I really didn’t think about it when I started.  I just put things on shelves to make them fit.  Not a very good plan.

So… a really simple way to start organizing your pantry and cupboards is by putting similar types of foods together in one area. It doesn’t take very long, is easy to do, and makes it a lot easier to find what you need. If you have multiple boxes of crackers or bags of chips, put them all on one shelf or in one bin. That way you know when looking for a certain type of chips, they’re going to be in that one place. This is a simple way to start organizing when you’re not quite ready to spend money on new bins and other organizational accessories.

Know What Foods Don’t Go Good Together
It is also good to note that some foods don’t do well when stored together. They can actually cause each other to spoil more rapidly, or change the flavor of the food. For example, potatoes spoil very quickly when they are stored with certain foods, especially onions and garlic. Keep your onions and garlic in one area, and potatoes somewhere else entirely. Don’t just throw all 3 of these items in your vegetable bowl on the counter, or your potatoes won’t last long at all.

In the spice cabinet, consider what strong-smelling spices you have and keep them separate from anything they might affect, like bread or flour.

Use Clear Containers
If you want to use containers in your pantry organization, try to use clear ones. Even with labels, it can be hard to see exactly what is in taller container that you use in your pantry or refrigerator. Get clear containers so not only is everything similar in those containers, but you can see right away what you’re looking for. It might not seem like a big deal, but it does make a difference.

Install Some Lazy Susan Turntables
Lastly, consider adding some “lazy susan” turntables in your cabinets. These rotate in a circle, so you can access what is in the back of cabinets without having to move everything aside. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on what cabinet they are being used in.

We’ll discuss some other tips in a later post.  I’m finding a lot of new ways to keep my pantry organized so I’m better prepared when the need arises.  Keep readin!