Although I would not classify what our family does as being ‘Survivalists’, we do factor that portion of planning and preparing into our ‘Prepping’ lifestyle. The skills, tools, techniques and planning it takes to survive in difficult times have been lost due to the over abundance of conveniences. Even if you don’t plan on ‘roughing it’ in the wild and foraging for food for your only existence during an extreme necessity, some survival tips, tools and techniques may still come in handy if you stick closer to your prepared home-site or bug-out location.

We want help and direct you to some things we feel fall into this category:

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A well stocked 72 hr survival kit is important to have on hand for your car, office/school and home. The above photo takes you to a page with many choices including a ‘make your own’ choice to suit any size family.

There are many books and tutorials that are worth the time to at least learn some basics of survival skills. Clicking on following banners/photos will take you to more information about those options:

Although I would not classify the following book as a ‘Survival Skills’ book, the basics and broad spectrum of what is included in it certainly DOES aid in surviving and learning skills that will greatly assist you and your family in preparing for the future. This is a very valuable reference book for a lifestyle of preparedness:
All time best-selling preparedness book by James Talmage Stevens -- Doctor Prepper
Whatever steps you take in learning new skills for your survival – they will be good steps. Remember to think as if it were all back to the way it was 100-150 years ago… no cell phones, no remotes, no electricity and minimal conveniences….use this as a point to build on to learn survival skills, techniques of living and ‘getting by’ and plan your options accordingly.

Best Blessings and enJOY the journey!
Joseph and Donna Miller
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