One of my biggest ‘beefs’ with some food storage plans is that the items are stored and ignored for an undetermined amount of time. This not only is poor stewardship of eventually perishable recourses you want to have a eye on, but also omits the one resource you will need in the event of using the stored food – skill.  If you keep your food storage in a convenient and accessible place where you can get into it often and use it on a regular basis, you not only know that the contents are in good condition but more importantly you know how to use them all.

Anyone who has cooked from scratch knows the difference between using basic ingredients and an mix that requires ‘just add water’ as the instructions. The skill is an added bonus to keeping your food storage in a convenient and accessible place.

Of course the closer you can locate your food storage to your kitchen, the easier and more convenient it will be, but that is not always the case.  Many people who store food will choose an alternative area for the bulk and ‘shop’ there for the replenishing of their smaller kitchen/pantry area.  It doesn’t ALL have to be in the kitchen or pantry.

Here is a short list of ideas that I will expound upon in the next blog:

* Temperature change conditions may omit these options