There are a few differing opinions as to what IS long term storage.

Obviously with no exact date, the phrase can be open for interpretation.

Since most of Americans live from week to week for groceries and others still live from day to day purchasing on the way home from work, long term storage -no matter what the date length – is still foreign to most people.

For us, the phrase means having a minimum of a 6 month dry goods pantry on hand at all times. We do not ignore stock piles of food in a bunker, so we are not talking 6 years of food saved up, but 6 months. We do have many grains and items that we have stored for a few years, but they are tended to often and rotated to make sure they are still fresh.

Some believe long term storage to be stockpiles stored for over 3 years. This is not our definition. By definition, we would term this survivalism. There is nothing wrong with that type of storage. It does require other precautions than a 6-8 month pantry, but it is longER storage and often ignored until need storage of food.

Here’s hoping you will see the difference.

Here’s hoping you will choose to do one or both.

Being prepared is not measured by how much stuff we can stock up – but by how our hearts and minds are ready and how we react to what comes our way.