Our philos0phy on Preparation is not about storing up and hiding, but about developing skills. One skill that has been overlooked in our emails has been the need for First Aid and CPR training.

Please forgive this oversight, we’ve focused so much on the home skill set that this was omitted and is as vital as regular lifestyle skills if not more! In an emergency, First Aid and CPR will come in more handy than if you know how to can vegetables.

To find classes for First Aid and CPR contact your local YMCA or Community Extension.  The Red Cross has a place where you can search for classes via your zip code on their website .  There is even an online course for each .  While there are advantages to physically TAKING a course with others, if your only options are on line or none – choose online and get some working knowledge of First Aid and CPR for an emergency.

Until next time, enJOY the journey of becoming perpared.

Best Blessings!

The Millers at Grain Store House, Your Preparation Station