When an ermergency hits and all eyes are on you to think and react quickly – this RED book will be a  lifesaver!



The time it takes to organize your RED Book will now will help give you the peace of mind to react clearly.

The next step (step 4) in our process is to gather your vital records or the very least a copy of them for this book. Put them in their own tabbed section and inside a water proof cover slip to be extra sure they are legible and not damaged in case of flood or rain conditions while you carry the book to safety.

Just what ARE vital records?

Some things you may find more vital than others – but most of these fall into that category:

It is also a good idea to keep either the original or a copy of these in a water & fire proof lock-box. Along with a reminder of where that lock-box is kept.

Until next time – enJOY the Journey!

The Millers at Grain Storehouse – your Preparation Station