What does it mean to ‘Be prepared’? Of course it used to be the Boy Scout Motto (maybe it still is, but I’m not a Boy Scout). Also, what is this new word “prepping”? Isn’t that what doctors do prior to surgery?

Well, both of these questions lead to the need of explaining exactly what preparation or prepping actually is. It is a little easier to breakdown the things that preparation, prepping or living the preparedness lifestyle actually include rather than saying what it is or isn’t because it looks different for every family.

Some things that it should NOT include though are: Fearful hording, panic or paranoia.

So with that out of the way, let’s look at the wide variety of things that prepping include. Below is a breakdown of areas, not in order of priority, or even all inclusive – but a basic, brief list of things that are often included in preparation:

~ Building a Long-Term Workable Pantry or Food storage. This includes skills and tools.

~ Learning Survival Skills, Techniques and Planning

~ Assuring a Drinking Water supply.

~ Learning and using Emergency Reaction skills and tools.

~ Planning for Terror, Pandemic or Natural Catastrophesto react in peace with a cool head.

~ Preparing for alternate Communications

~ Self-Sustaining lifestyles and skills such as gardening, storing harvest, skills and tools to feed from ones own efforts.

~ Obtaining an Alternate Power Source

~ The right to bear arms be it for hunting or protection.

The next few articles will go into each of these areas in more depth to explain what is involved in each area of preparation. Hope you will follow along and learn from very valuable information.

Until next time – enJOY the Journey!
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