I know there will be some great input from the peanut gallery – er, uhm the chat room! So I hope you’ll come and join us tonight…!!!

Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller.

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: “A Healthy Mindset for Prepping.”

Call in or chat live tonight as we discuss just what ‘criteria’ fall into developing a Preparedness Mindset.

Prepping is so much more than stockpiling guns or food, buying a generator or hiding out…there is a HEALTHY mindset that needs to be developed for every prepper.

The phone lines and chat room will be open for discussion and we’ll share some of the different viewpoints and suggestions for developing that Healthy Mindset! Come contribute, come ask, come share and perhaps pick up some things you’d not thought of before!

TONIGHT – Thursday, January 13th.

8:00-9:00PM ET
7:00-8:00PM CT
6:00-7:00PM MT
5:00-6:00PM PT

Call-in Number to listen or join the discussion: 1 (347) 326-9604
Link to listen live or later if you missed it:

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Best Blessings to all!
Hope to see you tonight or any other given Thursday!