We are supporters of a certain Preparedness Forum that someone posted a question that went something like this:

I hear a lot about having money and precious metals on hand for the uncertain future. Wouldn’t an investment not be better spent now in a different way? Canned peas that cost currently cost $.78 might be $7.80 in our economic future.  I would personally rather have food, water and toilet paper than paper money, coins or even gold and silver.

The foundation for asking this question is the current economy and trends. The question is very legitimate as many of us wonder what the next year will bring to or take from our financial stability.

Something that will preserve your life is far wiser than saving up precious metals alone.  Some currency , silver or gold is likely to be needed and appeal to some as (especially the tax office to pay taxes on your land) in the event of an economic collapse.  However, this question warrant some pondering along with some out of the box action steps.

There are many tangible belongings and skill set abiliites that could easily prove more priceless to life should we face a major change to the status quo.

Here is a short list to get started thinking:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Growing fruits and vegetables, Foraging
  • Canning, Dehydrating, Curing, Smoking foods to preserve them.
  • Plumbing, handy-man skills
  • Solar power (passive and active), wind or water power
  • Raising livestock
  •  Things the pioneers and settlers did hundreds of years ago that enabled them to live

This incomplete list of skills and tangible goods (not omitting the venture of gaining and  testing trying the old skills) are more valuable and may just be even more of a realistic option for many of us than a stash of shiny metals that can neither be consumed nor bring hope with person who is in search of sustenance.

To  discover what may actually be important,  ask a person who has lived through the Great Depression. With no money and income, what became essential to them? I believe the answer would enlighten us.


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