In the realm of preparedness there is a wide range of philosophies and along with those come a wide range of acronyms.  If you are new to the preparedness movement or you’ve been doing this a while and are now slapped in the face with a conglomerate of capitol letters being jumbled together and want to make sense of things – I want to start with a short acronym list we are finding in much of the material now arising on the topic of preparedness:


  • WROL – Without Rule Of Law.
  • TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It.
  • SHTF – I shall refrain from the curse word and say:Stuff Hits The Fan
  • BOB – Bug Out Bag
  • GOODY BAG – A purely southern take on BOBGet Out Of Dodge Y‘all  Bag.

As with many things newly arising in the movement to become more prepared – we have our opinion on the use of some of these terms and the emotions that thy evoke from others.  Look for future posts focusing on each (and more acronyms if you’ll send me some).