The article below strikes a note because our daughter volunteers for a food bank/ministry.  She sees people who live in our very own county in the USA who are virtually starving and relying upon the food bank for aid.

Read what was on the NBC4 Website as News yesterday:

“VERONA, Va. — The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Network and its food pantries said they are experiencing a food crisis and desperately need donations.

The network and its member pantries said they served more than 68,000 people in June, 10,000 more people than they served last June. They have also distributed about 23 percent more food than last year.

Officials said they are facing a shortage because of increasing demand combined with fewer edible donations from grocery manufacturers, the federal government and food drives.

The network has issued a list of items it needs organized by month. In August, the network is asking for donations of canned meats.

For more information, citizens can call 800-296-FOOD (3663) or visit

Donations are down because food prices are up.  As usual, those who are already in need are cut the most severely in a crisis.  Storing up for our own needs is fine, really it is, but forgetting those who are in need is not.

We can all donate something to a local food bank. Even if that ‘something’ of nutritional value is small it can make a huge difference in this time of crisis.