This site is about storage and grain stocking, but if you store all that you need, when the time comes to use it, if you’ve not learned how to use it – it’s still worthless.  So before just storing up in case of emergency, get familiar with those storage foods by learning to create great meals from them first!

We have a year long pantry. What that means is that we first stocked up for 6-8 months worth of foods in the pantry and then grew it to what would feed us for a year.  We use food out of this pantry EVERY DAY. Whay? So that they are not foreign foods to us when and if emergency should hit.

A giant bucket of wheat can quickly become brick door stops when you first mill it and try to make a loaf of bread if you’re not familiar with the mannerisms of working with freshly milled whole grains. Don’t just stock up and then end up throwing out.

Remember – practice DOES make perfect!

Best Blessings!