Frankly and as a personal note. We are not particularly fond of ANY method that requires hazardous efforts or chemicals. We are not endourcing these methods as much as sharing options with you our reading family.  Please take all precautions and educate yourself THOROUGHLY before attempting ANY risky storage method.

Isn't this the stuff we are concerned about in emmissions?

CO2 & Nitrogen Flush

This method can be used instead of in place of dry ice method and reacts just as it does.  

Directions are similar:

Simply flush the food with the gas making sure to get the hose down into the very bottom of the container with the food already inside. Sometimes especially with flour, it can spray all over as you fill the can, so be verycareful with your pressure and force of filling.

A welding shop may be able to rent you a CO2 tank and nitrogen gas.

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