The Oxygen Absorber Packets Method

These can be purchased from most food storage companies. The little packets look like a small tea bag or packet of sweet-n-low or sugar. This relatively new procedure is proving to be one of the better methods of prolonging food storage. Once the multiple pack of the absorber packs is opened, a packet must be placed inside the container within fifteen minutes of being opened and exposed to the air. Obviously air (oxygen) insde a sealed container is less oxygen to be absorbed than the air out in your living room!

These packets absorb free oxygen from the air around them and chemically bind it.  They absorb the oxygen from the container and trap it inside the iron powder/shavings, salt and moisture mixture within the packet itself. This is the safest and easiest way to remove as much oxygen as possible from a container. 

Removing oxygen from inside the canister helps to prevent insects from hatching or even living inside an area, because it is depleted of oxygen.  This also prevents rancidity from occurring too quicly. The atmosphere inside the canister is now mostly nitrogen after the oxygen absorber packet is inside, which is ideal for longer term food storage of dry goods.  If the oxygen level is below 2%, the food will stay good for a lot longer than without the absorber packet inside.

If you are storing bulk dry items for a prolonged period of time without opening and checking on the contents, we would suggest this method along with the mylar bags.