Functional wheat Proteins can be effectively used for improving the traditional wheat products. Wheat gluten is an important source of plant protein. With the innovation of modern food processing technologies, integrated procedures have facilitated the growth of these functional wheat proteins. For effective and better production, all the latest technologies are used during the research. Special wheat proteins are immensely used to enhance better taste and yield better food value. So, the improved foods, different from traditional ones with the qualities of the traditional foods are now in high demand. Prolite 100 is a special wheat protein which has been successful in creating and developing new improved formulations. Extruded snack, crème filling, sausages, whole grain bakery product, frozen pizza dough are some of the items available in the form of functional wheat protein. Organic ingredients like Prolite 100 have been highly used for creating extremely delicious wheat protein items. has all the details.

Compared to the traditional wheat gluten, organic ingredients like Prolite 200 are used for developing whole grain bakery products, noodles/pastas, tortillas, English muffins, Pita chips, crackers, buns and rolls, fill-ins and various other buns and rolls. Various organizations provide technical supports for making these food items. While making soups and vegetable burgers, functional wheat protein can be effectively used. These wheat proteins are available in varied and unflavored, textured, dry wheat protein which are found in a variety of sizes and colors. These functional wheat proteins can be used as an extender for a variety of applications including shredded beef, chicken, fish, turkey, pork, barbecue etc. Often the wheat proteins are used as meat replacer. These vegetable products have excellent tastes. provides in depth information. Wheat gluten in modified forms, with the modification by enzymes, chemicals or physical treatments has become highly popular in the past few years. Change in structural modification can enhance change its functional characteristics. This way the functional food ingredient can be easily used. Moreover, the cost remains relatively low. Considerable changes in the phosphorus and ionic concentrations are pre-requisite for proper utilization of functional wheat protein. It is also worth to note that achieving better solubility was possible by using enzyme modification. For better use of functional proteins, more effective methods should be followed. For nutritional benefits, it is essential to use these wheat ingredients in more useful way. These wheat proteins are excellent binders for products like veggie burgers, meatloaf and meatballs.
Already many people are aware about the process technology used for functional ingredients used in wheat proteins. Those who are interested can refer to Special uses of protein and starches have been carried out in several research centers. The improved results have become popular and well accepted across different countries. With the growing popularity of these functional wheat proteins, various companies are now providing healthy and new wheat protein based foods. The scientists are carrying out their researches to innovate and offer new items in the growing array of foods ingredients. Wide acceptance and growing demand of these food ingredients in the market are indeed praiseworthy.

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