We have had many people flooding our store with calls and emails feeling the need to stock up during these uncertain times. I can honestly say, we’ve seen this coming for a while and are now on the cusp of more people feeling the need to prepare.

Preparation can be handled in a few different ways:

· Stock piling out of fear or panic.

· Hiding goods for ‘someday’.

· Daily learning/practicing of skills and planning

We see so many people react out of fear or panic that it is much like the preverbal chicken with its head cut off. The panic mindset keeps them from moving in any real direction with preparedness.

We also hear of the survivalist mentality that stores up for ‘just in case’ but goes about life as usual. They keep their busy schedules, buy premade foods as usual and live life as if nothing will happen, but lean upon their ‘insurance’ of stashed goods for a potential future. 

We feel it is our mission to help people see the need to focus on the last one listed as a way to handle preparation.  Daily learning/practicing of skills and planning for an eventual need is the most effective way to prepare.

We hope that you will take time to think and plan through a WORKABLE (as in hands-on, developing skills to know how to use the items) pantry. Otherwise, if called upon to live off of what you have stashed away or stored up out of panic, you won’t know how to do a thing with it and won’t be able to provide for your family and friends who ARE in need.

Think of it like this: Any other way is like buying a $100 gift card for Red Lobster, and Red Lobster closed down before you could go eat and that’s all you had to live on. Don’t be caught not knowing what to do with your food, how to store your food for easy access and how to stretch it. Prepare now with skills as well as stored goods.

Best Blessings!