The season of  ‘gift giving’  is upon us once again. Agreeably it is more Blessed to give than to receive, many of us are taking a new and more purposeful approach to gift giving due to the current economic climate.  Black Friday violence and antics aside (we always plan to be more than 100 miles from the nearest shopping center that day) much of the spending spree may need some evaluation and overhaul.

While we want to Bless others with gifts, it is our goal that the gifts be evaluated by usefulness and encouragement to become more self-reliant and less system-dependent.  The ones we purchase gifts for will know we have their very lives and well-being at heart.

But a practical gift does not have to be boring either.  Not only is this an opportunity to gently get some tools and encouragement to prep in someone’s hands, you can have the peace of mind knowing that even if they still have their head in the sand….they’ve got something!

The following are some ideas of what give with a prepper purpose:

1. A Car Bag – with a shock blanket, easy open can food, plastic utensils, wet wipes, extra socks, a ‘red bandana’ for a car window, etc… Let your mind build the bag as you put someone traveling in a scenario that is reasonable if they were stranded. If they get stuck somewhere, they’ll be happy you gave them this gift!

2. Some good fiction books –

3. Classes that build skills. Food storage, dehydrating, canning, baking,  Krav Maga Lessons.  These work well for anyone of any age.  I’m just saying.

4. Oil Lamps. With so many different styles – these decorative and are also useful in power outages. (Suggestion sent in by a listener/reader/friend – Donnie N.)

5. A great reference bookAll time best-selling preparedness book by James Talmage Stevens -- Doctor PrepperLearn more


6. Freeze Dried Foods.  Even non-preppers will enjoy the Cinnamon Apples and the ease of using Freeze Dried Broccoli.

7. A Gift Certificate. To any one of his/her favorite stores that tend to lean in the self-sustaining direction.  Bass Pro Shops,  Lowes or Home Depot, A Garden Center or one of our  Millers Grain House Gift Certificates


Remember though, that the best gift you can give is to encourage others you love to prepare. How do we do that? Not by shoving it down their throats or acting as if we dread what is coming, but by calmly living this lifestyle because we enJOY it. That will get them interested with more stability than any fear-mongering or badgering.

Give gifts with a purpose this year. Getting others ready, one little hint at a time.

For more ideas – listen to the show from November 26th with Lynette from Prepping on a Budget.