Millers Grain House and this site (which is MGH’s Preparedness Outreach sister site) Grain Storehouse, Your Preparation Station and Fedhealth have teamed up to let you know about this customizable “tool” and to share some fund-raising ideas that may benefit you and your community.

This “tool” is available in a preview mini-book form from us for FREE, yes really. Just down load it HERE.

Please note: This PDF is only a portion of the actual 268-page book. Most of the bookmarks and links won’t work but we left them in to demonstrate layout and contents. You can find the whole book over in the right hand side of our site —–>

The actual book is just the right size for back packs, glove compartments and drawers. It is a very easily used reference book with a myriad of scenarios and real life solutions for almost EVERY disaster that may beset a family in any given area! You will love and use this book for years to come.

This also a great fundraiser and community awareness tool to get your neighbors prepared! The more people who are prepared, the fewer people who will be panicked!

Best Blessings!
Millers Grain House & Grain Storehouse, Your Preparation Station
Joseph & Donna Miller, Owners

Deut 28:5 – “A blessing upon your grain-basket and kneading-bowl.”

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