Building your own food storage system is like having an in-home grocery store.  There is great convenience and prudence to this, but also some careful planning and thought are needed to organize it. It is our attempt over the next few posts to help guide you as you build your own long term food storage.

First let’s look at the three criteria for long term food storage space.  These criteria are: conditions of storage space, convenience of storage space and choices of storage space (usually due to size of room/area). 

These three criteria will be the first to be visited in this series on “Locating your Food Storage.”

Until the next post, take a look around your house, sheds, barns or land for any storage space you may be thinking of using. Find a space that you can set aside as dedicated to your long term food storage. We will give you some other ideas in this series, but for now, see what you can find and make space for from your own knowledge of how your home operates best.

Don’t rely on only your own property; there may be a storage   facility

close by that can be of use.  I’ve seen several recently that are climate controlled and advertised as wine storage. If people are storing wine in facilities, food is another option!

Best Blessings and enJOY the journey!


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