Remember that old saying that the robot on ‘Lost in Space’ used to say? “Danger Will Robinson – Danger!” as he flailed his arms and flashed his lights?  Well, we are not running around announcing danger to every ‘Will Robinson’ on the planet, but yet, the term – alarmist – has been used.


Now, to me, an alarmist is trying to get people in a panic. Nothing could be further from the truth in our case. We simply want people to be in preparation. There is prudent fact to base storing up for future hardships as we read the news. 


If you don’t believe me, watch PBS’s “1940s House”.  The people of Britain actually ASKED FOR more government control and intervention into their lives to give them a sense of safety during the war. Now tell me that it wouldn’t be imposed upon America (I doubt we would ask for it) in times of a National Crisis. It would and could be in our future.
The call to build a long term pantry is not ‘Danger – Danger’ but one that wants to be prepared to care for our loved ones and those in need in times of crisis. If food is rationed, like it was greatly in Britain during the war, then there is reason to build a storehouse during times of plenty.

Below is a shot of the shipment of our storehouse:

This is not ALL ours; some is getting delivered to others who need it and others who asked us to obtain it for them. Either way, we never forced the ‘alarm’ on anyone. Those who are acting on their own free will to build a storehouse will realize their choice in the future as will those who chose to do nothing.

In the Bible, Joseph storage as a need. He never ran around yelling – “Danger Danger” – yet, I wonder if he was ever labeled an ‘alarmist’? I doubt the Pharaoh or those who were all eating for 7 years into the drought and famine ever thought that of this man of foresight.