This line from the poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner rings more true when thinking of surviving difficult times. As we’ve stated before in at least one email that has gone out to everyone who subscribes, water is more VITAL than food when surviving is the issue.

A human body can last at least 40 days without food, but begins to shut down all vital organs in less than 3 days of no water. After the 3 day period, with little to no water, the damage is nearly irreversible. The damage begins that early and the body begins dying. Even in the daily living under ‘normal’ circumstances, the lack of proper hydration has been linked to depression, head-aches, blurred vision and lethargy. Remember a minimum of 64oz a day is needed to keep your body functioning properly. In a survival situation it is especially necessary to function at your peak!

Not only are vital organs such as the kidneys and brain effected, but the heart as well. As the body dehydrates, blood becomes thicker and loses volume. This causes the heart to work harder and circulation of blood to be less efficient. In a survival situation, loosing your physical and mental abilities due to dehydration could mean the end of your life simply due to alertness or the ability to function at peak performance.

Now that the realization of a good supply of clean drinking water is firmly rooted in your mind, let us offer some options to keep that supply readily available in any given situation:

Life Pack Water Purification System

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Used by the military during Katrina. Makes over 3 Liters of clean drinking water a day for 3 days. Makes virtually any water drinkable even muddy water.
Oxy-Stabile/Original E. D. Goodloe Formula

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The ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC “Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen” full strength formula developed by E.D. Goodloe** over 34 years ago.
Effective Against:*
* Salmonella
* Cholera
* E. Coli
* Streptococcus
* Pseudomonas
* Staphylococcus
* Various parasites and microorganisms
including Giardia Lamblia
55 Gallon Water Preserver

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Add this to water containers that store up to 55 Gallons to preserve for 5 years.
Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets (Package of 30)

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It is ecologically friendly and keeps water free from germs, algae and odours. Silver ions preserve water for up to 6 months.

Lastly, there is a water that you cannot supply for yourself. James 4: 10-14

Best Blessings and remember to enJOY the journey!
Joseph and Donna Miller
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