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Since we fall into the ‘camp’ of USING our food storage rather than stashing it away, we wanted something easily accessable on a daily basis. We found these and store our granis and other dry goods in them indoors to get into at least once a week.

Below is the information about them and link where to get them.



Senior Friendly/ Child Resistant

HDPE – High Density Polyethylene (not polycarbonate)

HDPE is considered BPA safe plastic/BPA free

Food Grade Plastic

Ratched Latch

Screw On & Off Lid

Keeps Lid Secured

Easy Access

Neoprene Gasket

Air Tight Seal

Easy Carry Handle

Easy Mobility

Stackable 10′ Filled


Confined Storage

Small Storage

Meets & Exceeds Requirements

Currently only white lid available