Just when we’re feeling overwhelmed with what it is we feel called to do (share preparedness living and encourage others) and we’re struggling with feeling like square pegs in the round holes of society – it’s just like our Father to send an encouraging word OUR way!

The following note, from someone I hope to have the honor of meeting face to face one day, was such a breath of fresh air and has put more wind in our sails to press on in our sharing. I hope you are inspired by it as we are!


I am so glad you have started your video tips again. I have missed you and looking forward to more.

I have been busy getting the garden, greenhouse, raised planters, self watering system and rain water barrels collections system going for the summer crop. I am planting organic popping corn in the “three sister” section of my garden, for grinding . ( you have inspired me.)

We created an arched green house from pig feeder panels some 3 ml clear plastic and zip ties. I found the little black office clips at the dollar store that seem to work well to keep the plastic from lifting along with nylon cord zig zagged across the top and anchored down at the sides. Clear shower curtains work for door ways at both ends.

I started the cold weather crops there and it will second as support for pole beans this summer when we remove the plastic. It will be used again this fall for another cool weather crop. Thank goodness my husband is handy with the saw and drill.

My Mother who is 80 is excited about the harvest. She is ready to start the canning season. I told her she could help me. I really want her to teach me more about preserving. This is a new adventure for me and I am so excited about being prepared. As you say, I am enjoying the journey.

My husband informed me this evening that I have spent so much time on the garden that I am falling behind on my bread baking. Where do you find the time to do every thing you do??

God Bless and keep you,

And then, as if that were not encouraging enough – when I emailed her to ask if we could share her journey and her kind and uplifting note on the blog – she replied with even more encouragement!


I would consider it an honor if you used my words.

I am so glad I found you on You Tube. It truly has changed my way of living.

I have cleared out closets that was holding mostly memories of times past and given many things to “help” centers or friends and filling those shelves with my prep items.

My husband has agreed to build storage shelves in the walk space under the house and again in ” HIS ” garage, for my canning.

This morning was trash pick up day. I noticed our neighbors had two nice large flower pots on the curb. I asked my husband to see if we could have them… he looked funny when I said “I can plant more veggies in them!” ( he got the pots!) I think it is sinking in just how much my thinking has changed.

With a Heart felt Thank You,

We really wanted to share this with everyone who reads the blog, because we were encouraged by both Peggy’s words and her progress! What an inspiration in preparedness and enJOYing the journey!

It certainly shows Peggy! It comes through in your writing and your list of accomplishments! Be Blessed!!

Remember that preparedness living is contagious and you don’t have to twist other peoples’ arms if you’re doing it out of joy vs. doing it out of fear.


Best Blessings!
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