In a new effort to pressure Iran over it’s nuclear program, the European Union has imposed sanctions on Iranian Oil. There is some ‘wiggle room’ for negotiation, on the sanctions however if Iran were to suspend  it’s atomic activity.

Does the actions of those ‘across the pond’ affect those in the USA and around the world? I believe they will affect us and sooner as well as later.

Some events that I see happening are as follows:

  1. Immidiately the west will have issues with crude oil prices which will…
  2. Raise the price of gas at the pumps
  3. An already sluggish economy in the West will struggle even more.
  4. Inadequate yet limited public transportation will become over burdened and still increase in cost.
  5. The cost of getting TO work for the ever shrinking percentage that has employment mean less expendable income into the rest of the economic machine.
  6. Transporting food will drive ever increasing prices even higher.

I am not opposed to the sanctions. I am not in favor of the sanctions. As one not part of the European Union, I have no voice…the voice I have is to tell people to prepare for what may lie ahead. This event is a stone thrown in the water. Although one act, there are ripples.

Be prepared before gas increases food – STOCK UP NOW – it is time sensitive.