Freezing grain and four first is not a ‘cure all’ for future bug infestation, but if you have good, food grade and would like to take extra measures jut to be more sure, then freezing is a great option to add to the security of your dry food stock.

If your grain buckets are stored in the garage for winter, the freezing temperatures will probably kill any weevil that may be present.  This is not advisable though if your garage also tends to get HOT in the summer (over 70 degrees).  So other options may be something you can persue.

You can also deep freeze grain in five or ten pound bags and leave it for at least week to ward off any potential pest infestation that may be present when the grain was purchased. This may or may not be a time efficient option for you.

The cost effectiveness of freezing is obvious and thus makes this an appealing method to add that extra bit of security to your long-term dry goods, grain and flour storage. No matter which method you choose, you’re in good company with other people who choose and stick with thier tried and true method for storage.

Just give at least ONE of these 7 methods a try! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy  Preparation!

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