This preparation step is the best follow up to the previous one (see below). If we take seriously the efforts needed in step 3, then we have less to worry about here in preparation step number 4. Yet, we are not guaranteed good health all the time. That is why planning for medical care and medical needs are so essential in the preparation plan.

Let’s say you and your family are quite healthy. You don’t foresee any major issues with health  in your near future. That is fantastic.  The common cold and flu still have a habit of hindering even the most physically fit person. What should you do?

Most over the counter medications do have a shelf-life that should be followed. Don’t think of stocking up on a cold or flu medication and hoping it will work fine if you’re not able to get out to the store for it in the future. Keep an eye on any dates of these that you do choose to keep on hand.

A better choice would be to learn at least some homeopathic or alternative medical treatments. Herb tinctures, poultices and teas have been used by both Natives of these Americas and Asia for thousands of years. Even Hippocrates said: “Let food be your medicine.” He was the ‘father’ of the medical profession!

Many herbs can be used for multiple things from culinary to treating illness. This greatly adheres to one of my favorite mottos of buying (or growing) one thing with many uses.

If you are currently on a prescription medication that cannot be replaced by herbs, consider requesting the longest length supply your physician will prescribe.  Let him/her know that you want to cut down on trips to the pharmacy and would like enough on hand to keep your mind at ease for emergencies.

One last thought, if you are on a handful of medicines, consider the previous step as a way of cutting down some of them and thus some of the cost associated with stocking up for preparedness.

Best Blessings!


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