If you didn’t think it was needed to store your own food and supplies for what may lie ahead, take a look at this article:

This article actually has me concerned for the Mormon (LDS) Church. This is a church that believes in preparing to provide food for their own families and those in need in case of disaster. What if the FDA/FTC sees THAT as a threat too? You know, the Federal TRADE Commission can’t jack up the price, like they will when shortage and disaster hit, on things that are already stored….Hmmmm….be careful LDSers….no, really.

It has been well documented that the FTC and FDA will shut down any nutritional organization that they feel is not blowing to their scrutiny. This is new, and dangerous, territory.

When will we as consumers have the freedom to choose HOW and WHAT we are to buy for our own health?

When can see say “NO” to GMOs and irradiated foods pushed by FDA/FDC and “YES” to making our own nutritional choices without fear of the company we enjoy doing business with will be shut down?

The FTC/FDA report that their ‘cancer cures’ have proven results and all others (natural ones) do not. Have you SEEN the ‘proven results’ statistics? They are like a batting average!  I’ll take my chances with what GOD made and not the FDA/FTC approved toxins, chemicals and foreign bodies in my body! Thank you!!!

Read it! Digg it. Buzz it. Pass it. Be ready for whatever the next phaze of ‘big brother’ may be.