In the UK, irradiated foods are already ‘available’ to the consumer. There is a difference, though, they are LABELED. They are labeled in the stores AND on the menus.  Now either the FDA thinks that Americans are stupid, or apathetic about their own health and that ‘they’ (aka: big brother) know better or ‘The Mother Land’ actually DOES have brighter people living there. Somehow the UK government is fine with telling them their food choices include irradiated foods. The consumer’s right to know is obviously more important to the UK and the USA.  Can we call the Better Business Bureau on our own government?

However, already, the US has a variety of foods that have been approved for irradiation, for several different purposes. The current list includes wheat, potatoes, fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices, pork, poultry and beef. That’s quite a list. In fact many of these foods are already at some grocery stores.  But the proposed label is only on SOME foods and NOT even required to be on foods that are put INTO other foods (i.e.: irradiated ingredients…wait, look at that list again- wheat, vegetable oils and herbs are in EVERYTHING).

Have you seen a label or noticed one? Do you think you might like to know what an irradiated label might LOOK like?

Our ‘best interest’ is clearly not on their minds…otherwise we WOULD be informed. Yet, the FDA thinks we, in America, would be CONFUSED by a label noting that a food has been irradiated.  I know!  How about just a picture of one of these…


That’s pretty simple. No long words. No phonics to trip over.  Just radiation symbols, then we know. But this implies ‘real radiation’ (which is what irradiated food is exposed to) – they like these better: 

 &  &  &


Now with all the pretty colors, and almost eco-friendly designs to choose from how could we get confused?But IF you’ve even SEEN these – were you aware of what they were? Were we made aware that there were multiple choices of them to LOOK for? Where was that mega media blitz for them like there was for the ‘Smart Choices Made Easy’ logo?

It is my thought that these irradiated foods are not getting clearly and consistently labeled in the States because of one reason alone. What is that reason? What else, money. The truth is that in a poll done in 2000, a majority of the public questions the safety of irradiated foods, and if given a choice, will not buy foods that have been irradiated. (Food Marketing Institute poll 2000)

Am I saying that foods should NOT be irradiated. Well, yes. That IS my choice. But by not being informed, I am making choices based on with-held information, which is no choice at all.