This is the third criteria for choosing where to locate your food storage.  There are a wide variety of options, but they differ greatly from home to home and from lifestyle to lifestyle. 

For some people, having all the food in the same area such as a downstairs climate controlled basement or large extra room/pantry is a very high priority. For others, to take a walk down the hall then into a bedroom closet is not a problem to get food from the food storage stash.

Whichever your preference may be, let me urge you to make HAVING FOOD STORED AT HOME a priority over the convenience of WHERE it is.   Just because it may be inconvenient that the dried milk is in the hall closet and the flour out in the spare bedroom, is a far easier inconvenience than running out completely in an emergency situation and having NO food.

Now let’s get to some ideas for those tight spaces or small homes/apartments.  Some of the list on the previous post about convenience and accessibility may work for your options no matter the size of your home, but here are few that are specific to small living quarters:

Under the beds

– Large cans and gallon sized food-grade pails can be kept under the beds. Raise your bed if needed to add larger items. Everything can be hidden with a dust-ruffle or floor length bedspread.

Corners – Don’t ignore corners of storage space in your closets or behind doors. Even if you need to put a plant in front of it to make it more ‘invisible’ – if it’s not in the way, use the space.

Use as Furniture – An ottoman that opens up to a chest can hold a few food grade pails or canned goods. I have had people tell me they group a few 5 or 6.5 gallon pails together in groups of three (or sometimes singles) and place a round piece of wood over the top and then a table cloth. Now you have instant end tables that will withstand a lamp and some books/decor by the couch or bedside. Or use the shorter ones and make a ‘coffee table’ high for in front of the sofa.

The important thing is to ALWAYS adhere to Criteria #1 – Conditions. Then try for meeting as much of Criteria #2 – Convenient & Accessible – as possible. Lastly, at the least, don’t give up on Food Storage because of space or inconvenience. Get creative and get some food stored!

Donna Miller is an author, teacher and entrepreneur. Her favorite roles are that of wife and mother to three home-school graduates. The Millers own and operate  Millers Grain House   which offers Organic and Chemical-free Whole Grains, Bosch Mixers, the NutriMill, instructional tutorials, recipes and more . She also writes for The Dollar Stretcher, in the Blog Entitled: The Homestead Mindset Anywhere