It all sounds nice and good to say ‘Build a Long-Term Workable Pantry” but if you don’t know where to get the tools to do so, it can be a bit frustrating.

Our hope is to give you some realistic options to choose from. We’ve touched on how to go about it and some steps to take toward building that pantry, and your new sets of back to basics skills… but now we want to focus on where to GET items you may need.

Some people have ample room and can have storage that looks similar to this:

But more people are limited on space. That is why we recommend a few very economical items to help organize your Long-term Workable Pantry for MUCH less than building on an addition to your home!

The Spin Lid Storage Pail is the BEST bulk option that we have found for whole grains, beans and dried goods. Even sugars don’t clump in the NC humidity! Check out what others say about them and see them in use for yourself at:

Another needed item is also a means to store and rotate canned goods. Some of these can become QUITE expensive…but not now! We have found a VERY user-friendly and economical plan for organizing and saving both space and dollars on your can rotation system.

Click the banner above to see the two size and price options. For less than $20 you get 4 rotating shelf systems! That is much better than over $100 with some other products!

Also, growing your food is a major part of being self-sustaining. So purchasing heirloom seeds (that will produce seeds that can produce a harvest each year) is quite important. Here is one reliable source for just such seeds:

For food itself, we have a bulk delivery system in our area of NC that we can also ship to you anywhere in the country. If you are interested, please contact us and we will see if this system works for you to obtain dry long-term pantry goods: Contact Us

As always, we are humbly at your service for assistance! Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

Best Blessings and enJOY the journey!
Joseph & Donna Miller
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