In multiple articles across the news there is clear concern for the low wheat inventory.  The thing is, although wheat inventory is low for America, that’s not the only problem. There is nothing BUT wheat in reserve inventory.  You heard right. No cheese, no butter, no dry milk or other grains in inventory.  Do most people in America know that we have only enough in reserve right now to make ONE – half-loaf for each American?  That’s it. A half-loaf of bread’s worth, once used and it’s done. Reserve’s gone. No reserves in inventory.

We have a bill that was passed in 1996 to thank for that.  It eliminated the government’s grain reserves as well as the Farmer Owned Reserve. The reverse of this bill never got reinstated. Who knows why?

This is politics at the dinner table hitting home at a most inopportune time.  While the concern over the increased fuel price is crushing from one side, politically we have been left to ‘fend for ourselves’ on the food inventory side.  It is time to take this cause for concern and become more self sufficient.

Not being an anti-government person or a conspiracy theorist, it simply seems odd to me that no one in government cared to see the day coming when all we would have left in reserves was wheat.  Just a little wheat left for that matter.  My grandmother planned her own pantry better than that.  America, it’s time to get growing.