Talk about ‘the last straw’…what is it going to take for Americans to wake up and see we actually ARE in a food crisis? While we as an ‘affluent’ nation do have some worldwide responsibilities to help the hungry, would someone tell me just how we are going to do THAT in addition to taking care of our own citizens without a grain of wheat in the U.S. Storehouse? We can’t. So now we fall down on both ends of the job.

Today in the ‘Tri-State Observer’ in the ‘National News’ section, there are a few startling paragraphs in an article about our nation’s shortage:

“Quietly, the last of the U.S. government’s wheat reserves, held in the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust, were sold in late May o­nto the domestic market for cash. The cash was put in a trust for food aid. With no other government wheat holdings, U.S. government wheat stocks are now totally exhausted.”


“Private wheat stocks are divided into two major categories — o­n-farm wheat stocks owned by farmers and off-farm wheat stocks owned by warehouses and grain companies. These two together held 305.6 million bushels of wheat as of June 1 — or roughly 1 bushel per person living in the United States — the lowest level in 60 years.

Of these stocks, o­n-farm wheat stocks are at 25.6 million bushels, the lowest level of o­n-farm wheat stocks since the USDA started keeping tabs back in 1934. So as you are driving in rural America before wheat harvest, the farmer’s bins have never been so empty.”

Why is it that our government that is so bent on ‘saving the world’ can’t seem to save up for its own ‘we-the-people’? Now I am not saying that to save us and starve them is the choice, it is however, important to save us TO HELP save them. Someone somewhere did not take heed early enough.

I for one am praying for provision and speedy resolution.