Folks, my apologies….

Due to a job and subsequent home loss during the time of wedding of our oldest child (our first born, our son) …  We’ve slacked seriously on the RED (Real Emergency Directions) Book thread.

This is not a money maker for us – it’s a mission and ministry. We just want to do what we can to let others start taking steps toward preparing to be self-sustaining. I hope you don’t  mind the recapping that we’ll do in this post to bring ME back up to speed on the RED Book instructions!

One thing I neglected to mention was the type of RED Book that we personally like the best.  I am showing my age when I say this, but something of a ‘trapper keeper’ or one that zips and seals will give more security to valuable papers on the move.  Nice tied ribbon or Velcro straps will help too, but we like the fully enclosed zipped up option.

Like this one:

Zipped Up RED Book

Okay, now that you have a picture in  your head, let’s get back to my much needed recap.

First – we established what is and why have a RED Book in this post –

Second – we started filling it with the information.

Third – we discussed  and how to establish alternate routes and place options in your RED Book.

Fourth – we discussed and potential headings for easy access of important information in a panic.

Fifth – we gave you a  so that you will have some basic skills in case of an emergency. Your RED Book is a great place to keep those certifications too!

Sixth – we mentioned  and a beginning list of things you may want to keep in your RED Book in case you had to get out of Dodge quick in an emergency! 

Seventh (and upon other occasions) – we mentioned getting a of some form to keep near your RED Book.  Even if it is not for any serious survival, this kit will have many things you may be in need of during a nominal emergency.

I know it may seem a bit out of order – but it will all pull together in the end.  A start on this is better than not having ANYTHING – so do SOMETHING toward your RED Book.

Hey, listen, we don’t pretend to have all the answers, we just want to get YOU to have your own wheels turning on this – we just like to give a little nudge!

EnJOY the journey!

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