Without getting overly spiritual and heading down the path of in Whom our security should lie and Who knows the end of the book while we’re still acting out the chapters here on earth…the topic of “security” has become a volatile one at best here in the tangible world. Most especially it is a volatile topic in America.

To top off the state of affairs that plague America the past few years – many of us have suffered a great sense of the lack of Security, even while government tries to reach in and do more – we are less and less secure.   We have “Homeland Security”, “Social Security”, Banks, Securities and Investments, the “CDC” and “WHO” (health ‘securities’ if you will) of which none are actually very secure at all, at least not any more.  The term “job security” is a fast fading from our vocabulary as a Nation and many of us are facing a very insecure retirement.

Even today, there are reports of our own security systems of FEMA and Homeland Security having schizophrenic issues within themselves. On one hand, they are urging folks to be prepared for any type of disaster, while also inquiring as to how much food you might have on hand in case there is need to confiscate/use it. Asking for lists of customers at a Tennessee LDS Cannery so that they can be investigated. Make up your minds! Do we prepare or not?  Did not our forefathers ‘put food by’ for harsh times ahead? It seems the government would prefer we be a drain upon society out of one side of their mouths, yet will encourage us to prepare out of the other. How does this create any sense of security in what lies ahead? It doesn’t.

It is time to evaluate just where and in Whom your security lies. Perhaps there is a shift needing to be made in your lifestyle or relationships to give you more security in this shaky world. Perhaps there really is only One Unshakable and Secure Kingdom…I know, I said I wasn’t going to go there, but look at it all… when the world our parents even knew or freedoms that our fathers fought for are so insecure…we have to find Security somehow.


Proverbs 14:26  

He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.