Several months ago, in fact almost a year ago, our household began to notice trends and almost foresee that there was a looming shortage of food even in the ‘civilized Western World’ or at best the signs of pending inflation of food prices.  It is no longer speculation or sensing that food prices may be on the rise but the proof of it is increasing on the shelves daily.  It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it happens now, but ‘why’ it is happening now that brings us to research some of the differing views on the potential causes to find remedy.

 The Washington Independent Streak

has a compelling article entitled: ‘Water Shortage Means Food Shortage” in which the author quotes an environmental consultant.  The author also jumps to the view that “While grain-based biofuels and rising oil prices are certainly driving up food prices, he says, no one seems to be paying attention to the importance of our most basic resource, which is gradually diminishing before our eyes.”

On the website of the CBBC Newsround – London, England

, there is a short write up about a variety of different things to look at that effect the rising food prices.  This article suggest that factors such as population increase, less available land and water, land use for biofuels and oil prices are all equal culprits in the cost of food.

And lastly (for this article’s sake at least) Reuters

reports on its News Website that the United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) summit is meeting in Rome this very week (June 3-5, 2008) to discuss the world wide issue of food shortage and price increase.

I have been one of those who have been stating the view of biofuils and oil prices as a culprit in the rise of food prices. These other views do, however, give me pause to also look elsewhere for more solutions. It seems that if we can approach all views at least in part at the same time and start making effort in EACH suggested area, the solution to the rising food prices will be quicker in arriving than if we argue which of the differing views is most correct before doing anything.