It has become very apparent that so many people agree that there is ‘something’ on the horizon and they are not sure how to prepare for it. The reaction ranges from panic to ignoring what may or may not eventually come our way.

It is our heartfelt desire to help families cope with what looks like may be coming down in our not too distant future. We want everyone who is interested to be prepared and not to panic. We want you to be able to share with those in need and not hoard out of fear.

This list below is our practice list for preparation. We’ve included the explanations for what the check list topic is. Feel free to copy and print this out for your family to use as a basis for preparedness.

Best Blessings!


Weekly Preparation Practice:

1.   Serve someone with nothing in return:

This can be any form of service from inside or outside of the family. Dad’s and Mom’s, sorry, but your God-given, regular responsibilities as parents don’t count. It is the over and above actions. No money need be spent, just some time, or effort, or care.

2.   Spend one undistracted hour with your whole immediate family:

The idea is to build this up over time. This means no TV, laptops, game-boys, mp3s, etc…You get the idea. Look at your family’s schedule. We are a fragmented-family society. Can you enjoy your own family? Can they enjoy being with you? If called upon for quarantine or support, we’re going to need to. Practice now!

3.       Garden work:

Actual garden work is always most productive, but in the winter, it may not be possible. Planning, seed sorting, composting can all still be attended to for a productive garden. If you don’t live where you can grow your own garden, look for a cooperative garden in your area, or try container gardening. A tomato plant can be just as pretty as an ornimental one – and you can EAT from it!

4.       Re-use one thing that normally gets thrown away:

This can be an old jar, left-over ‘scraps’ of food, or anything. Just look at each thing before tossing it and ask the creative question: “Can I use this again or in a different way?”

5.       Preserve something:

Dehydrate it, can it or freeze it.

6.       Work on food storage:

Keep building supplies.

First – your one year WORKABLE pantry and then the stock-piled store and ignore stash.

7.       Try a new recipe or a new variation:

If ingredients are in short supply – can you create something with alternate ingredients or something all together new that is actually edible?

8.       At least one breakfast, lunch & dinner from one year WORKABLE pantry:

Practice now! That is why we push building the year long WORKABLE pantry now and the long-term, store-n-ignore, stash-n-dash hide out food at a later date.  Be used to using all the non-convenience items that you have for your preparedness. Otherwise, they do you no good.

9.       Calculate cost of at least one meal:

This is partially related to the next item on the practice list. It’s good practice anyway.

10.   Financial preparedness:

Working to get out of debt, cut monthly expenses, save on utilities, make extra income, and more all apply to practice in this category.

11.   Work on local food/barter systems:

Do you bake bread? Find someone with a dairy cow that doesn’t and swap milk for bread. Look for local CSAs and Co-ops. Better yet, get involved in one!

12.   Research or study something new:

Don’t always rely on the internet either. Try the library (remember those?). Is there an area of preparedness training that you know you’re lacking or just not yet interested in? Expand!

13.   Try your hand at a new preparedness skill:

This list is way too long to give all the examples. They range from making soap to building something… just get your hands dirty and try it instead of just gaining head knowledge.

14.   Go without electricity for one evening until bed-time:

This can actually be fun! You can even combine this with #2 and really get in good practice!

15.   Cook one item by fire (winter) or solar (summer):

Even if it’s hot-dogs over a bon-fire or beans in the fireplace use the fire for more than warmth. Make a solar oven and bake bread, brownies and more. It’s fun and a skill!

16.   Know in where your security and peace lies:

Don’t assume that all this preparedness will save your soul. Practice and know the One who can. He will bring Peace in the midst of a world gone mad and joy during trials. Don’t neglect your relationship with the Almighty One True God and His Atoning Sacrifice for us. Know Him.