Have you looked at just about any box of ‘packaged’ pre-prepared food in the store for ingredients? What about some of the processed ‘meats’ that are the staples for the Standard American Diet (yes, SAD is a very good acronym for it)? Most foods contain wheat.  In some form or another wheat (and corn) have found their way into some of the oddest foods you would think! Mostly they are ‘fillers’ but yet, the wheat and corn are hidden in the ingredients, and thus, will affect prices.

According to Hilton Dinner, a bakery owner from Edmonton, Canada, the price of flour has more than doubled over the past eight months.

It has been evident on the shelves by the price increase in many items other than flour itself.

The question is then, does it stop there? What about those of us who eat a more simple diet (less processed, pre-packaged foods)? We wouldn’t be effected by the rise in wheat and corn cost, right? Well, wrong.

Here’s why:

“It’s not something that’s going to go away,” Dinner said. “Food in general is going to go up. As wheat goes up, so does the price of eggs and chicken because they eat grain-based feed. It affects people who can’t afford to pay more for their food.”

My friends, if we are dependent upon grocery stores and restaurants for our food alone, we are going to be gouged on all sides. We need some good old-fashioned independent farmers, even on a small scale.

You can do it! You can plant a square foot garden, share a spot with some neighbors, containers of herbs and tomatoes on the porch will go a long way. The back-yard chicken and garden may be what is needed again to sustain us for the high food prices ahead!