You’ve gotten your list of contacts together for your RED book now. Remember to keep them updated with current cell phone numbers, addresses from a move and new family additions.

It’s time to move on to a tactical plan.

Plan a route or two to a meeting place or two

Pick at least one meeting point for the family to gather if an epic emergency were to strike. More than one (under differing circumstances) is advisable. Set the places and the circumstances so everyone knows when to go where.

This can be in your own town if others can get to it (that’s why more than one is a good idea in case your area is not the best choice). Figure out first where the place(s) will be.

Another thing that happens in a large emergency is that people tend to run in circles or go by old patterns, not realizing that situations may change your very environment. Don’t go by habit when real awareness is important.

Your next step is to get a few optional maps of how to get from where you currently live to a family meeting point. Why a few options? If roads are closed due to damage or bridges out due to weather, more than one choice may be needed. The last thing you want to do is be relying upon ‘business as usual’ when business isn’t usual!

If you don’t know where to start, many counties have emergency evacuation routes pulbished on line. The exact route may or may not be one of your choices, but it may give you a good idea of how to start.

Print a few alternate routes and put them in the next section of your RED book. This keeps you from wondering and wandering in an emergency.

Remember this is to prepare you, not to panic you!
Happy Preparation!
The Millers