Fact or fiction, truth or scare, there are MANY things that are in question about genetically engineered foods.  Some say it is a safe way to prolong and mass produce foods for the ever growing population of the planet; others dispute the safety of altered genes in products meant to be consumed.  Some people have a basis of protest in morality and others in health related concerns. 

Whatever the basis for the argument, the line is being drawn in a fight and the consumer needs to know which side he or she is on.

On the topic of genetically engineered foods, I personally fall on the ‘God made it don’t mess with it’ side. Genetically altered foods that are consumed may seem safe at the time of consumption, but the tests are in conclusive at best as to the long term effect on first, not only our own bodies, but secondly on the bodies of potentially unborn generations to come. 

If consuming antibiotics in foods make our bodies resistant to other antibiotics – which is a fact – just what does a foreign or mutated DNA strand do to our own DNA?

I would urge everyone to do some research of their own to determine just how to vote, petition or promote his or her convictions of what is happening to ‘governmental approved’ genetic engineering of our food supply.  It’s your body – you have the right to know how it will affect your health if you consume genetically engineered foods.