As we have shipped out almost 3/4 of the inventory that came YESTERDAY of Bulk Food Storage Pails  , we also answered a multitude of emails and phone calls from people who, just like us, are preparing for an uncertain future.  A great many people are moving from just now having their eyes opened to what looks like troubled times ahead, to an almost overwhelming panic because they don’t know what steps to take, or how to prepare. 


We want to help. We may not be perfect.

You may have more ideas. That’s great! Share them!


Let’s start with …. Step 1: Taking Stock

This is not just an inventory of items you can use (rather than buy new) but it is taking stock in more than material possessions.  Take stock of the skills you and your family members have, write them down. Take stock of the relationships that are important to you; your children, spouse and friends. Don’t take them for granted, but make them priorities in preparation.  Take stock of your own health and make sure you do all that you can to keep yourself fit for times ahead.

Now, take stock of some tangible items.  What do you have on hand? How long will it last you?

A reader reminded me of other essentials the other day that often slip my mind. Things like deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper, razor blades and more personal toiletry items will not spoil or go bad, and we will need them if we are to sustain without ‘shopping’ for any length of time. Now I know, you can (and maybe should) learn the skill to make many of these items, but if you don’t already possess it, either learn the skill or buy and stock up.

Lastly, but most certainly the most important stock you may ever hold, take stock of the fact that this world is temporary and that God is Sovereign. Have Peace that He will care for those who love and follow Him even in the midst of anything that this life can toss our way. Take stock and stand on Him as a Firm Foundation. He also gives wisdom, as He did to Solomon (Shlomo) and we will need that in our days ahead as well.

Best Blessings, now STOCK up!