“IT’S A DISASTER…” Field Guide offers Special Pricing Helps Relief Efforts

Due to all the recent disasters, and with Hurricane and Wildfire Season coming (and already here in several states) combined with the tough economic conditions, FedHealth is offering special discounted pricing to businesses and consumers through September 30, 2011 and donating to disaster relief efforts at the same time.

Normally the business price on our 268-page disaster preparedness and basic first aid manual is 50% off $14.99 list (or $7.50 US) but … through the end of September, they are discounting the business price to $5.00 each with free customization either in the print process or with peel & stick labels.

They are also dropping the $14.00 consumer / prepper price down to $7.00 each for individual copies. This is a great savings on a very valuable book to have on hand or in your prep pack for on the go.

The Government / nonprofit / volunteer / school price is still 75% off list (or only $3.50 each) and, as mentioned above, they customize them for your organization (church, business, etc) in bulk at no additional charge.

Even with these reduced prices, nonprofit organizations, volunteer groups (like CERTs, Amateur Radio clubs, etc), K-12 schools, youth groups and others (including bloggers)can still earn 10% – 50% of every order through our easy Affiliate and Referral programs to support your own group and get your community prepared.

PLUS… between now and September 30, 2011 Fedhealth will themselves be donating 10% of each order to relief efforts like Chasing4Life’s Disaster Response Team, DERA, U.S. First Responders Association’s DRT and others.

With hundreds of thousands of copies of IT’S A DISASTER! in print and millions in cash and match donations to date, FedHealth continues to find collaborative ways to get this vital data into every home and business in the country while simultaneously helping fund and support First Responders and volunteers.

Spread the word… Download this 1-page handout about IT’S A DISASTER! products & programs and share it with local First Responders, businesses, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, schools, service clubs, volunteers, youth groups and others.

I certainly hope you’ll take advantage of the great savings (and support their donation efforts) and help get your community, family and group prepared!
EnJOY the journey,
Donna Miller