Although the topic of shelter can be wide and varied, in this preparation step, we would like to look more at just a few options.  Protection from the elements is essential.

If you have a home, you will need to make sure it is completely updated as best your budget can allow. If you own it outright then you’ve nothing much to worry about other than keeping it secure (that is another preparation step).  If it is mortgaged or you are renting, you may want to consider also the second option to shelter should disaster strike and you find yourself without permanent shelter.

A mobile home (R.V., tent, yurt) may be a good idea as back up even if you have a home. Along with a survival kit (see previous post) and a route planned, shelter of the mobile type is always good for emergencies.

In the summer, shelter needs a shady place with cool breezes. Insect netting and ample water supply are also important for shelter choices in the summer.

In the winter, insulation is a key to good shelter. Insulation of both the shelter and of your own body are essential. Water is still important at this time of year, even if you aren’t hot and sweaty.

This topic may have never crossed your mind before. It may never need to. But, I’d rather be planning a back up and be prepared than find my family wondering without a plan or place in an emergency.

Best Blessings!


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