The food storage industry has changed drastically over the last few years. When I first started in the food storage business, there was only one way to store grains. You had to put them in a silo and then bury them underground. The problem with this was that if you wanted to store wheat or corn, you needed to have a silo big enough to hold the amount of grain you were going to store. This meant that if you wanted to store several thousand bushels of wheat, you would need a huge silo. In order to get a large silo, you would need a lot of money. And because of the size of the silo, it was difficult to keep it clean. It also meant that if you wanted to move the grain to another location, you would need to rent a truck.

Then along came the freeze dryer. This device allowed you to put grains into plastic bags and then freeze them. After they were frozen, they could be shipped by air freight. This made it possible to store grains without having to have a huge silo.

However, with this new method of storing grains came a new problem. If you froze the grains, they became brittle. They would shatter if they hit any hard object. The plastic bags that were used to store the grains would break as well. This meant that you had to take extra precautions when moving the grains from their storage place to their place of use.

Today, there are several ways to store grains. The most common method is to use a metal bin. These bins come in all shapes and sizes. Some are square while others are rectangular. Some are tall and narrow while others are short and wide. Some are made of steel while others are made of aluminum. They can be welded together or bolted together. They can also be placed inside a larger building or outside on a concrete pad. They can even be placed on the ground.

The next method is to use a plastic bin. These bins are generally made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a clear plastic that is flexible and durable. It is not prone to shattering like metal bins are. However, the plastic bins do tend to become brittle over time.

The third method is to use a plastic bag. These bags are made of high density polyethylene. High density polyethylene is a very tough plastic that will not shatter like the other plastics. However, these bags tend to shrink and become brittle over time.

If you plan to store grains, you need to decide which method is best for you.