The FDA has issued a nationwide recall of peanut butter. What started out as a suggested voluntary batch recall has turned into recalling even candy bars and ice cream which contain any ingredient of peanut butter.

This is yet just another reminder of how we as a nation rely so heavily upon mass food production and a government entity to keep us ‘safe’. The process to move this recall from a small batch in a specific warehouse to a nationwide recall took a few weeks.

This has been a test of the emergency broadcast system. Had this been an actual emergency, it would have … what….taken another week? 

I don’t see this on yahoo news, CNN or anywhere else except in my own feed of the FDA recalls. How many people DON’T know about this? Here’s even more that you may not be told….There is an investigation into this contamination. Yes. Why? Who knows, but the public isn’t being told too much.

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