Today I had the opportunity once again to speak with  someone who has felt all alone in this Preparedness Journey.  For years it has felt like it has just been their family preparing, thinking they were weird and keeping quiet about preparing.  This is yet, another heart-breaking story that is similar to several that I hear a week: Preparedness minded people feeling all alone and isolated.  Each wanting desperately to connect with others who are walking the same journey.


The camaraderie that is so vital to the survival of a society is lacking every where, but  especially in those who lead a lifestyle of Preparedness.

Gone are the days when in the community when the butcher knew the blacksmith and the blacksmith dealt with the miller and the local general store carried mostly local items and produce.  As a society we have lost that sense of community.  We don’t know how to regain something that was lost as cities grew and hustle and bustle became the norm, because many of  these small, self sustaining communities were lost before many of us were born.

In the world of preparedness, community is VITAL to our future survival.  No man is an island.  No prepper has all bases covered.  No one should walk this journey feeling alone.

This speaks to what the Lord has laid on my husband’s heart years ago and we here at Grain Storehouse  & Your Preparation Station want to help combat that feeling.  We are building a community.

We are joining together a community of people who live in all parts of the country, and perhaps through out the globe who are preparing for ‘things to change’.  It starts by subscribing to our newsletter.  We will soon have area groups and gathers to announce.  This will be done with the utmost of discretion and care in order to protect all involved.

It is of no benefit for Preparedness minded people to continue to hide and operate as if we are the only ones feeling the need to prepare.  It is not mentally, emotionally or spiritually healthy.  In the changed future ahead, it also may be of benefit to your physical well-being to have the community connections we should be building right now.