Exactly what are the greatest threats to our food supply?  Are plagues, flood, disease or fire running rampant on our crops?  Sadly the answer to that is no; no such act of God is the actual threat to our food supply…at least not yet.

 It is my humble opinion that we are our own threat to our food supply. 

The greatest farm lands in the world are now struggling to compete with industry, suburbia and politics. Once upon our history, America and Europe were predominantly agricultural societies. The Farmer held a revered and honored chosen profession.

The farming family worked hard and provided nutritious food for their personal, local, and national population.  Today, these families struggle with bureaucracy and trade agreements that threaten their very livelihood.  In turn, it places our food supply in great peril.

While we grow crops for fuel, our food prices sky rocket as the edible foods are muscled out for ‘fuel crops’.

While we are forced to treat with pesticides (to get the most out of our smaller crops), our soil and own bodies pay the price of depletion and poisons. There is still no proof that these treatments are also not what effects the honey bee population. No bees equals no pollenation, equals no food.

While we, as a society continue to ‘do more’ (be busy and use convenience foods) yet produce less, our resources are producing very little actual consumable food. There are fewer farming families left because of our ‘convenient’ lifestyles. Compact population and shortage of water supply are simply an example of what a life of convenience produces.

We are our own greatest threat to our food supply.  If we don’t do something about the choices we are making now, and the priorities we have in place now, our food supply will suffer more in the future. 

Donna Miller is a published author, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a trainer, a wife and mother. She is concerned about the trends of food quality and supply that is showing peril for our future. The Millers own and operate an online Store which offers Organic and Chemical-free Whole Grains, Bosch Mixers, the NutriMill, instructional tutorials, recipes and more. Visit Millers Grain House.